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How Will The Process Work?


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I am very close to finalizing the first Rescue Swimmer Silhouette product after a myriad of revisions with the graphic designer.  I am extremely excited to release this first design! I really think I have a crowd pleaser.  So how is it going to work? 

This is going to be a learning process for me, and before I start releasing limited production items I’m spending time getting a grasp on the numbers. I also don't want a stack of extra product sitting around my house. Therefore, this first product is going to be a pre order.  I am going to have samples made and you will be able to see what a completed product will look like before ordering. I will post the Rescue Swimmer Silhouette gear on the Rescue Swimmer Shop and it will will be available for limited pre order.   

I am thinking I will keep the item available to order for 96 hours (I may decide to extend that period at some point) and then disable the ability to place an order.  When the pre order period ends I am going to tally the numbers and order the product that day.  All of those items will arrive at the destination for production next day or at the latest by the second day.  The items should be completed a week after that unless there is some completely insane number of orders placed (I hoping to have that issue). 

Regardless, at the end of the week I am going to pick up whatever items are completed and begin to ship.  So if you place your order on the first day possible, I would expect the item to be on your doorstep within 3 weeks. Everything is in place for that system to go smoothly, I've already ordered some items and they did in fact arrive at my home the next day. 

I am so grateful for your response to this project and the photograph.  Your interest and support is what brought me back to where my imagination-into-reality journey began.  So thank you very much. I wasn't expecting this turn in my life, and it's a great one. The traffic on the website has not slowed down at all! It seems as though there are a lot of eyeballs watching, and I'm excited to release the first Rescue Swimmer Silhouette item with a lil bit of touch from the person that created it.   

I'll be honest... I'm feeling a little pressure. I want to represent the Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers well, I want to make them proud, and I certainly don't want to disappoint the Navy or rescue swimmer community elsewhere.  I've been in some pretty high pressure situations before though, and it all turned out OK ; Forwards ever, backwards never.  

Chris Razoyk 


Recieved my shirt today. So freakin comfortable and simply badass. RS 245

Joe VanHouten

I have a SAR flag in my office, and all anyone ever asks is about the “zombie hand”. Any thought of doing one, without it?


Fuckin crush it brother!!

Standing by for greatness. 💪

Congratulations on you new venture

Linda Motta
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