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 A Message About Our New Tagline 

It’s an unavoidable fact of life. We face challenges. 

They can be big or small. 

They can be quiet, internal struggles or audacious, external battles. 

The circumstances are irrelevant. If you’re not careful, focusing too much on the story behind your challenges can lead to excuses. The “why” can derail forward progress.

The truth is no mystery. Challenges are opportunities to test yourself. These tests can, and often do, have a significant impact on our lives. We emerge differently on the other side. 

When we square up to a challenge, we are faced with two choices: we can choose to give up, or we can choose to adapt and overcome. 

We can choose to survive.

The choice to adapt and overcome is not always easy. It takes courage, determination, and perseverance. It is the choices we make that ultimately lead to success. 

It is Free Will.

When we adapt, we change our way of thinking or doing things in order to meet the demands of a new situation. We are not giving up on our goals.  We change our approach in order to achieve. We choose to take appropriate action.

When we overcome, we achieve our goals despite the obstacles we face. We are not letting anything stand in our way. 

We adopted a new tagline at The Rescue Swimmer Shop. Obviously, we are a lifestyle brand that has deep roots in maritime search and rescue. The motto, “So Others May Live” is historically linked to the helicopter rescue swimmer community. To us, it’s a motto that represents the mindset of putting others before oneself. It belongs to everyone. SOML is a motto that encapsulates ANYONE who has ever put someone else before themselves.

 "Adapt. Overcome. Survive.™" is our mindset. It’s the grit behind The Rescue Swimmer Shop. We want our customers and community members to feel a connection to us and to each other. We don’t just sell T-shirts here. We represent a community of people who choose the hard way. It is our hope that you will read “Adapt. Overcome. Survive.™” and seek the challenges in your life. To persevere. To be inspired. To feel like you are an important part of something bigger than yourself. 

“Adapt. Overcome. Survive.™” is meant to be applied to any challenge you may face in life. Whether it is a personal challenge, a professional challenge, or a physical challenge, you can overcome it if you are willing to gut it out.

"Adapt. Overcome. Survive.™" is a powerful reminder that we can choose our own fate.

It is a message of hope and inspiration.

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